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Newtown School Trajedy

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Newtown school tragedy Special Section

Foremost, our hearts go out to the community of Newtown, the families and friends of the victims and to all of the children and adults who will have to live with the memory of this terrible event. This section, while not directly related to the Joseph Project Core areas, has plenty of tangentially related societal issues which continue to affect the emotional and physical safety of our nation.

This section will look at three core issues --

1) Gun control

2) Societal problems which continue to lead to violent crimes

3) Some resources for those who are dealing with traumatic feelings as a result of this event

4) Talking to children about the event

If you or someone who you know is experiencing very strong feelings as a result of this event, I urge you to speak to a professional -- and if not, even a friend who is a good listener. This is a general set of resources, not meant to substitute for the myriad of services available to those in need.

managing media consumption

When a major event such as this takes place, I personally need to be connected to the situation. I will have talk radio going in my car and CNN on television the moment that I get home. I want to know everything that is known thus far, as well as to feel connected to the rest of the nation as together we deal with the tragedy.

However I would like to strongly propose and recommend to you, what I recommend to myself, which is to limit my media connection, especially in the first days. In all likelihood, the later you tune in, the more accurate the information will be. The entire story will become very clear and publicized, if over publicized, for years to come from the anatomy of the shooting to the names of the victims. The reality is that I don't need to know right now, or even today. I need to balance out being informed, from being overwhelmed. The media will become emotionally draining and creating a balance is absolutely critical.

By all means, watch for 30-45 minutes in the morning. Check in again during the day once or twice. And watch an hour at some point in the evening. But also turn it off before bed, and read a book, play a game, have a conversation or watch a movie. Allow yourself to detach and recharge.

Children do not need to watch a single minute of the media coverage. And teenagers should be limited to a reasonable 20-30 minute segment, ideally watched together as a family.

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