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A Thin Line - Cyber Bullying & Harassment - mtv

I am not an MTV watcher but was referred to A Thin Line because of its focus on the permanence of online harassment and the long term damage that it can do. It is real, it is focused on legitimate teenage life and it is graphic in ways that make an impact.

The hurt of CYBER BULLYING, dubbed "digital harassment by MTV" will have long last effects on youth and other victims that we do not understand yet. This interesting ad shows a teenager having words of hate tattooed on himself as negative text messsages come in.

In this next video MTVs A Thin Line highlights the power that a momentary action on the internet can have over a very long time. We do not realize right now how potent the shift is from having words dwindle into history as their sting wears off, to having words that were written yesterday persist for days, months and years. Almost nothing that we say other than very positive words, in the context of relationships, is something that we wish to remain in its exact form forever. Our anger today, will be our love tomorrow.  

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