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Bullied Ten Year Old Girl Commits Suicide

Posted by Mark Snyder on December 19, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Ten year old Ashlyn Connor was called ugly, fat and a slut by other children in school, harsh names for someone so young.

"Relatives described Ashlynn as fun and bubbly. But she also was a very sensitive girl who wanted to please others and took very seriously the "nitpicking" that kids do, like teasing about hair or clothes.", according to testimony from relavtives published here in the full article from Ashlyn's Illinois County.

Parents said that Ashlyn had been bullied since the age of seven.  The little girl was found in a bedroom closet by her sister, an apparent hanging though investigators are still finalizing their report.

Bullying of girls often comes from other girls, and attacks the child's self esteem through comments about appearance, weight and popularity.  Generally it is not until teenage years before attacks move towards things like promicuity.  Social networking is intense among girls, and can be more nasty than bullying by boys.  Rivalvies and revenge motivated by social anger regularly drives girls to attack and isolate other girls.  And unfortunately, girls can be more prone to internalize than boys, especially if statements about looks appear true to them. 

What is ironic is that most of the things that girls are bullied for, will change over time.  Looks, weight, hair and friends are in constant flux with girls.

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