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ABOUT Mark Snyder lexington ma

I am an educator, writer and youth adviser who writes educational material for use in schools and other youth work settings. My primary focus is on emotional abuse and bullying, not just because it is a hot topic in today's world but because I believe that it is something which is dramatic and prevalent in our culture and its long term affects are barely understood at this time.

We are raising a generation of exposed and abused youth who have no privacy or dignity any more and the opportunities for this type of abuse are so prevalent and so protected by law, that nobody really knows how to restrain it at this point.

We have waited until children died before we started taking some action, but the millions of children who still live, live emotionally wounded in ways that we don't yet understand. I believe strongly that arguments and fights and the schoolyard bullying of old is partially an aspect of growing up and this project is not intended to coddle or insulate children from lessons learned through confrontational socialization. The main scholarly material for this site is located on the Bullying and Youth Suicide page here, and I hope that visitors who work with children and teens will take the time to read about how society, culture and technology have evolved to make bullying far more serious.

Please feel free to email me if you would like information about the Joseph Project or would like to partner in this project in any way. This is a not-for-profit project. I am also available on a limited basis for writing projects. I write primarily educational material, social material and a little bit of political material. I can also do editing as well.

Mark Snyder Massachusetts -

Why is this site called the joseph project?

Joseph was the son of Jacob, the biblical father of twelve sons. Joseph had an interesting life because he was a little different than his brothers, had some gifts, but also some blindspots and ended up often misunderstood. Joseph's brothers tried to kill him, but then sold him as a slave instead. Joseph ended himself eventually in jail, being falsely accused by Potipher's wife of seducing her. Joseph eventually became an adviser to the Pharoah of Egypt and eventually was reunited with his family.

Although it was sometimes Joseph's fault that he was misunderstood, he was known for wanting to use his talents or gifts or abilities to help other people. As poorly presented as he sometimes was, Joseph was a giver.

At the end of the time that we know about Joseph, Joseph tested his own brothers love for family. While he never once intended to harm his youngest brother Benjamin, he wanted to see if his other brothers would forsake the boy. Either way, Joseph would have spared Benjamin's life, but his understanding of the importance of family was clear in his actions. The Joseph Project has one goal, and that is to help others.

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