The Joseph Project



We Are Not Against the NRA

You heard it right.  The NRA is not an organization, looking for members.  It is members who created a voice.  We support the existence of the NRA, as a voice for those who hold a position on guns, even one which we are dead set against.

The problem is not the NRA.  If anything, it is a way for society to interact more completely with gun owners in one place.  The problem is any politician or political party who make decisions about gun legislation, because of fear or consequences, real or perceived, financial or non-financial, from the NRA.

Politicians must represent the people and positions of American's, and they must be allowed to be swayed by their own consciences.   The power of the NRA to manipulate and sway position is not the fault of the NRA, but instead the fault of gutless representation.

This said we are against most stated positions of the NRA.   We believe that their speech is legal and must be protected.